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Hi I’m Casey. I’m a successful freelance web developer who specializes in python.

A lot of my advice is centered around the UpWork platform as that’s where I’ve found the most success, but it very well applies to traditional freelancing as well.

My 7 Step Process

I’ve developed a 7 step plan designed to get freelancers through the toughest part of freelancing, which is landing and successfully completing their first few jobs. The steps are:

  1. Start with proof
  2. Specialize in a niche
  3. Start with a bargain
  4. Choose good clients
  5. Write solid proposals
  6. Wow your client
  7. Raise your rates

Most of my articles will be focused in one of these seven areas.

My Story

I’ve been a hobbyist web developer for about five years. At a certain point I decided to try and make some money on the side. My initial goal was to build a software as a service product, but I couldn’t get it off the ground. So I took what I had completed and tried to get some side work with a web agency, online job boards, and Craigslist.

None of those methods were very successful.

Finally, I signed up for UpWork and within two weeks had my first job. I am now top rated on UpWork and am able to get work very easily. Now I’m ready to share my advice learned along the way!

What I Believe

  • Good web developers are in very high demand
  • There is plenty of work to go around
  • UpWork is a great platform for beginning freelancers
  • Getting the first job is the hardest part

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I want to hear from you! Contact me and I will provide with my personal advice.

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